Pizzeria Gusto provides great mid-week break

It’s spring break, which means we’re kid-free this week. Which also means that every night is “date night.” 🙂

Yesterday, very spontaneously, we decided to meet at Pizzeria Gusto after work, and it was just what we needed for a Wednesday evening. Great food, wine and even a fun dessert. I’d been to Pizzeria Gusto a couple of times, but it was new to Jon, and he seemed to like the atmosphere as much as I do. There’s a great bar, and we ate there since the restaurant was already getting packed.

Roasted beet salad & Burrata

I went for an appetizer and salad, and it was a lot more food than I’d anticipated. The Burrata is truly comfort food, thanks to the honey drizzled over the mushroom and truffle topped walnut bread. So delicious! The roasted beet salad with hazelnuts, goat cheese and orange balsamic vinaigrette was equally good, and enough for an entrée.

Grilled chicken on focaccia

Jon had a grilled chicken sandwich and salad, and his was also wonderful. The chicken was topped with melted provolone, roasted tomato aioli and spinach, on the most amazing focaccia. Fortunate for me, he shared. 🙂

We each tried a different pinot noir, and Jon’s proved to be the best. Our bartender was fantastic and pointed out the unique architecture and design of the restaurant while we enjoyed our dinner. Naturally, we had to try a dessert, and since I’d given up chocolate for Lent, we opted for the donuts.

IMAG6962These weren’t just any donuts, either. They were freshly prepared ricotta donuts, dusted in plenty of cinnamon sugar. Espresso and hazelnut gelato came on the side, and our bartender instructed us to pour the espresso over the gelato before dipping the donuts.

Wow. There are truly no words to describe how amazing they were. It’s definitely worth dropping in to Pizzeria Gusto just for dessert. Which we probably will sometime very soon!

I know we obviously didn’t even try the pizza, which somehow seems wrong, but that’s just another excuse to make another visit to this awesome restaurant that OKC is very lucky to have.

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