This blog can’t be explained fully without first explaining the love story behind it.

Jon and Kristin each grew up in Oklahoma City, and then moved away as young adults. Kristin moved away after graduating from Casady School, and Jon left Oklahoma after graduating from OU.

Nearly 30 years later, they moved back – Jon returned after living in Florida and Virginia, and Kristin came back home after living in Massachusetts, the U.K., Texas and Arizona. Somehow, their paths collided at a Landrunners OKC Running Club 6-mile run on an early, cold winter morning, and they’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since.

wholefoods theater

Besides running and training for races together, Jon and Kristin love to eat out with friends, family, and for “date night” by themselves. They’ve discovered all kinds of fantastic restaurants throughout Oklahoma City and Edmond as they’ve re-discovered their hometown.


They’ve also ventured out on road trips to discover restaurants in other areas that aren’t too far away from Oklahoma City and easy to re-visit.

The idea for the blog was born one evening during dinner at a local Oklahoma City restaurant that wasn’t quite performing up to its “coolness factor.”

With the growing number of cool restaurants that are seemingly popping up all over the metro, and the growing number of obviously cool people who are moving to OKC, it only makes sense for there to be a blog covering the latest on cool places to eat.  😉


kiss2 kissingkiss

and beyond…

Jon & Kristin

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