Restaurants we’ve visited

We’ve been fortunate to explore amazing restaurants here in our hometown and during our travels beyond. Here’s a list of the ones that stand out, many that we continue to re-visit. Some, like Old School Bagels, are as much of our family life as our neighborhood grocery store. (Our kitchen is practically naked if we don’t have fresh bagels on hand.) Others that require a road trip, like Dream Café in Dallas, offer a great excuse to get out of town.

  • 1492, OKC
  • 3 Tequilas, Edmond
  • Barrio Cuisine, Tucson
  • Benvenuti’s, Norman
  • Café 501, Edmond & OKC
  • Cafe Icon, Edmond
  • Cheever’s, OKC
  • The Coach House, OKC
  • Crepes Paulette, Bentonville
  • Dream Café, Dallas
  • Flatire Burgers, Edmond
  • Flint, OKC
  • Gabriella’s, OKC
  • The Garage, Edmond
  • Guernsey Park, OKC
  • The Hive, Bentonville
  • The Hub, Tucson
  • Humble Pie, Edmond
  • Joe T. Garcia’s, Ft. Worth
  • Kitchen 324, OKC
  • Kyle’s 1025, OKC
  • Lattanzi Ristorante, New York
  • The Metro, OKC
  • Museum Café, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, OKC
  • Nebu, OKC
  • Old School Bagels, Edmond & OKC & Norman
  • Othello’s, Edmond
  • Packard’s, OKC
  • Parigi, Dallas
  • Pizzeria Gusto, OKC
  • The Ranch, OKC
  • Red, OKC
  • Republic, OKC
  • Skinny Slim’s, Edmond
  • Sophabella’s, OKC
  • Stella, OKC
  • Szechuan Bistro, OKC
  • Tamazul, OKC
  • Ted’s Café Escondido, Edmond
  • Tucker’s, OKC
  • Tusk & Trotter, Bentonville
  • Upper Crust, OKC & Edmond
  • Vast, OKC
  • Waffle Champion, OKC
  • The Wedge, OKC
  • Wild Salsa, Dallas
  • Zarate’s Latin & Mexican Grill, Edmond

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