The Metro serves up romantic date night

Time slips by so quickly, but regardless of the various gala events, symphony evenings, theatre, musicals, movie date nights, sports events, etc., that we end up attending, Jon and I have promised each other to make time for at least one really nice, romantic dinner date at The Coach House every couple of months or so. It was getting to be that time, but after dressing up and getting in the car last night, we found ourselves pulled towards The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro instead. We’d been there previously for a wine and chocolate tasting but hadn’t yet had dinner there together.

Jon asked for a quiet table off to the side, and we were fortunate to sit near a corner tucked in the back of the restaurant. It was so nice to take our time and not feel rushed to get to an event after dinner, and we took our time exploring the menu.

metro entree
Saffron risotto with shrimp and scallops, seasoned with ginger and cilantro

We started out with an appetizer of mushroom ravioli that were incredibly sweet. It was like we were eating dessert early. We also had the tea smoked duck breast served on grilled hearts of romaine with a confit of red and yellow tomatoes and roasted garlic. The duck was very good, but the ravioli were hands-down our favorite.

For his entree, Jon ordered the filet of beef with red wine sauce and stilton-walnut butter. He seemed to really enjoy it and share a little with me – it was very good.

My entree was as wonderful as the ravioli…I had the saffron risotto with shrimp and scallops. The shrimp were jumbo and prepared perfectly, and the scallops were probably the heartiest that I’ve had in a very long time. I tried to finish it off, but the risotto was filling and I really wanted to leave room for dessert.

metro dessert 3
Key lime pie

And thank goodness I did because we ended up ordering three desserts. (That’s when you know we’re foodies … and runners!)

metro dessert 2
Lemon tart
metro dessert 1
Chocolate fudge cake

Jon ordered the key lime pie (left) and also the lemon tart with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Jon’s not really a meringue kind of guy, so he scraped it off the top of the key lime that he said was awesome. I had the chocolate fudge cake with coffee creme anglaise and fresh berries, and it was amazing. The lemon tart was probably our least favorite, but it made for a pretty photo and was fun to try. We spent more than three hours at The Metro, talking, eating and loving every minute of our romantic dinner date night.  ❤

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